About Jmammy Cooking Class

It’s a home style Japanese cooking class at my house.
My class is well suited for tourists who would like to enjoy Japanese local meals and life.
You can join my class either you are in a group or just only one person.
Please feel free to join my class even a tourist and a family are welcome!!

I offer my cooking classes in “airkitchen” as a host.

Please check it out and apply through the web site as below.

” Home-style Vegetable or Meat Gyoza from scratch with Strawberry Daifuku”


” Gyoza from scratch and Onigiri by hands with Fruits Daifuku”


” Colorful Press Sushi with Strawberry Daifuku ”


” Party Sushi Cake for Celebration ”


” Fluffy Omurice ( Omelette Rice ) and Strawberry Daifuku ”



Please don’t hesitate to ask me when you have any questions.
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