Did you guess there are fake Tempura in this photo?

Did you guess they are fake?

There are many restaurants in Japan that present a sample showcase of dishes at the front of restaurants as below.

I joined a work shop in Kappabashi to make replica foods.

This work shop is mainly for foreign tourists. However anyone could have fun.

At first I dropped melted wax into hot water(60℃) to make batter of shrimp Tempura.

Put a shrimp in the middle of the batter and wrapped it.

Adjusted the figure removing excess batter. And it’s done.

The progress is different from making real Tempura but it was easier.

And next I made a replica lettuce by the unique way.

Poured green and white color wax on hot water spreading to rectangle shape by a big spoon.

I hold the end of the wax and lift. That sheet got bigger and added natural wrinkles like veins of lettuce.

Folded the sheet making triangle shape, adjusted the figure and the replica lettuce is done.

The progress was a real surprising for me!!

I went to a Tempura restaurant after the class.

I dished up fake Tempura besides real Tempura on a plate and enjoyed comparing them.

I made the whitish ones. Of course I didn’t eat them.