Japanese rice balls “Onigiri”

Have you ever seen Onigiri in stores or in pictures?

Onigiri is a typical lunch box item in Japan and remind Japanese of moms.

I made colorful six kinds of Onigiri by general ingredients in Japan.

Filling list

※Shibazuke(pickled vegetables with red Shiso leaves) , Japanese honewort

※Okura , Bonito flakes , Umeboshi (pickled plum)

※Edamame , Shredded deep salted Kombu kelp

※Tsubozuke(pickled Daikon radish) , Myoga radish, Toasted white sesame

※Grilled bacon, Cheese, Butter, Soy sauce

※Minced chicken, Avocado, Shiso leaves

There are various kinds of pickles in Japan and we often use them for Onigiri as above.

There are also various ways for making Onigiri.

Placing filling into or center of shaped Onigiri , mixing filling with steamed rice before making shape.

After making shape, wrap it with a piece of seaweed or Shiso leave.

I will open a Japanese rice ball class online soon.

Through this cooking class, I want lots of people to know Onigiri that is easy to make, easy to eat and delicious.