Do you know a Japanese street food “Takoyaki” ?

Most of Japanese and tourists love this street food.

We can buy them at shop anywhere, however we can make easily by using Takoyaki grill at home.

Ingredients for batter

100g Flour , 30g Potato starch, 1tsp Baking powder, 1 Egg, 1tsp Soy sauce, 1tsp Dashi powder, 1tsp Sugar, a little Salt, 400ml Water,

Boiled Octopus, Chopped green onion, Tenkatsu of tempura scraps, Benishoga of pickled red ginger.

Ingredients for topping

Okonomi sauce, Dried bonito flakes, Dried green seaweed.

Start by creating the batter except the boiled octopus.

Heat the Takoyaki grill and oil in each small hole.

Place a piece of Octopus in each holes and fill up each hole to the top with the batter.

You can even overflow the batter out of the hole to make it easier to flip them later.

About two minutes later, poke the outside of batter and flip them over by using small skewers.

Flipping them is not easy and takes a bit of practice to get smoothly, but it is much fun.

Place a few Takoyaki on a bamboo plate like a street food.

Top Okonomi sauce and sprinkle Bonito flakes and green seaweed on it.

Some Bonito flakes start to dance on the Takoyaki.

Enjoy while it’s hot !!