Homemade Miso Ramen Soup is delicious!!

Making miso ramen soup is simple than making soy sauce soup and pork born soup.

It is rich flavor and delicious.

Please try to make it with homemade ramen noodles.

Ingredients (serve 2)

120g Ground pork / 10cm Green onion or Shallot / 2 Shiitake mushrooms

1tsp Grated Ginger / 2tsp Minced Garlic

1Tbsp Sesame Oil / 2tsp Tobanjan(Spicy chili bean sauce) / 3Tbsp Miso

1Tbsp Sake / 800ml Chicken soup broth(1 1/2Tbsp Chicken stock powder and Water)

3tsp Sugar / 1tsp Roasted white sesame / some Black pepper


Soft-boiled egg, Corn kernels, Boiled Bok choi or Spinach, Naruto(Steamed fish paste)


  1. Mince Shallot, Shiitake and Garlic roughly.
  2. Heat a pan to medium-low and add sesame.
  3. Add the Ground pork, minced Garlic , grated Ginger , Tobanjan and stir fry until fragrant.
  4. Add minced Shallot, Shiitake, Sake, Miso and still stir fry.
  5. Cook the ground pork until no longer pink.
  6. Add Chicken soup broth , Roasted sesame, Sugar , Black pepper. Salt(if necessary).
  7. Keep the soup simmering for 5 minutes.

Homemade fresh Ramen Noodles

I always use Pasta machine when making Ramen noodles.

Since a dough is too hard for me to knead and stretch by my hands , a pasta machine is a very useful equipment and it makes noodles chewy and smooth easily.

Ingredients are simple such as all purpose flour, baking soda, salt and water only.

After mixing baking soda, salt and water, pour them into all purpose flour in a big bowl little by little.

Spread the salt water throughout the flour evenly standing on the tips of your fingers.

Keep combining for 10minutes until the flour become same size grains and get moist.

This work is most important to make smooth and chewy noodles.

Cover the top of dough with a plastic wrap directly and wait for 5minutes to make it more moist.

After gather up and make a ball, put in the middle of doubled plastic bag and step on the dough.

Take the stretched dough out of the bag and fold.

Put the dough in the plastic bag and step again .

Do the same work once more.(three times totally)

Close the bag and let the dough rest for 30minutes at least in room temperature.

Cut the dough in half and start to stretch by a pasta machine.

Pass the dough through the pasta machine on dial 0.

Fold the dough and pass the dough through it on dial 0 twice.

After that, pass through the pasta machine without folding on dial 1, 2 and 3 step by step.

Attach little corn starch with both sides of the dough.

Cut the folded the dough into 2mm by using a knife.

I don’t use cutters with a pasta machine because the width doesn’t fit the Ramen noodles.

Cover cut noodles with little corn starch and hold them putting pressure on your fingertips.

I prefer the texture of those curl ramen noddles .

I also enjoy homemade Rarmen with various kinds of soup made from miso, soy sauce , pork ,chicken and mushrooms etc.

Enjoy making homemade Ramen at your kitchen!!

Online ”Okonomiyaki” making class new open!!

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese-style savory pancake.

“okonomi” means “whatever you like”.

So it’s made from cabbage, onion, eggs, meat, prawn etc. and flour.

We eat them for lunch or dinner at home or restaurant.

In my class, I introduce my homemade recipe using tofu to make Okonomiyaki moist and healthy.

The toppings are unique such as bonito flakes, green lavers, red pickled gingers and Okonomi sauce.

Okonomi sauce and Japanese mayonnaise

And Miso soup is Japanese soul food and made from Japanese broth “dashi” and fermented soy beans “Miso” .

I teach you how to make Japanese broth from scratch.

Making Strawberry Daifuku is very popular menu in my cooking class at my kitchen and online too.

It is fun to cover strawberries with sticky sweet mochi.

Besides it looks pretty and it’s yummy.

Hope participants to make three Japanese popular foods freely in everyday life after taking my class.

Let’s enjoy making Okonomiyaki , Miso soup and Strawberry Sweet Mochi !!

Finally spring has come to Tokyo!!

At the Inogashira Park

I went to the Ghibli Museum in the Inogashira park.

It was one of popular museum in Tokyo with especially tourists from abroad.

I could book the ticket a week ago although it had been difficult to book it before the pandemic. I’m sorry about it a little.

Shooting inside museum was not allowed at all, so I’ll post just a few pieces of photo I took out side.

There were so many handwritten rough sketches for movies and I could watch an original short movie there.

I thought it was a paradise for big funs of Ghibli all over the world (afraid but I’m not..)

After visiting the museum, I took a walk around the Inogashira park.

I was surprised that some early cherry blossoms has already full bloomed.

How bright and beautiful!!

Whenever seeing cherry blossoms, I realize that a spring comes and I’m living in Japan.

Most famous cherry blossoms “Somei-yoshino” will full bloom the end of march.

So I can’t wait!!

Did you guess there are fake Tempura in this photo?

Did you guess they are fake?

There are many restaurants in Japan that present a sample showcase of dishes at the front of restaurants as below.

I joined a work shop in Kappabashi to make replica foods.

This work shop is mainly for foreign tourists. However anyone could have fun.

At first I dropped melted wax into hot water(60℃) to make batter of shrimp Tempura.

Put a shrimp in the middle of the batter and wrapped it.

Adjusted the figure removing excess batter. And it’s done.

The progress is different from making real Tempura but it was easier.

And next I made a replica lettuce by the unique way.

Poured green and white color wax on hot water spreading to rectangle shape by a big spoon.

I hold the end of the wax and lift. That sheet got bigger and added natural wrinkles like veins of lettuce.

Folded the sheet making triangle shape, adjusted the figure and the replica lettuce is done.

The progress was a real surprising for me!!

I went to a Tempura restaurant after the class.

I dished up fake Tempura besides real Tempura on a plate and enjoyed comparing them.

I made the whitish ones. Of course I didn’t eat them.

Japanese rice balls “Onigiri”

Have you ever seen Onigiri in stores or in pictures?

Onigiri is a typical lunch box item in Japan and remind Japanese of moms.

I made colorful six kinds of Onigiri by general ingredients in Japan.

Filling list

※Shibazuke(pickled vegetables with red Shiso leaves) , Japanese honewort

※Okura , Bonito flakes , Umeboshi (pickled plum)

※Edamame , Shredded deep salted Kombu kelp

※Tsubozuke(pickled Daikon radish) , Myoga radish, Toasted white sesame

※Grilled bacon, Cheese, Butter, Soy sauce

※Minced chicken, Avocado, Shiso leaves

There are various kinds of pickles in Japan and we often use them for Onigiri as above.

There are also various ways for making Onigiri.

Placing filling into or center of shaped Onigiri , mixing filling with steamed rice before making shape.

After making shape, wrap it with a piece of seaweed or Shiso leave.

I will open a Japanese rice ball class online soon.

Through this cooking class, I want lots of people to know Onigiri that is easy to make, easy to eat and delicious.

Do you know a Japanese street food “Takoyaki” ?

Most of Japanese and tourists love this street food.

We can buy them at shop anywhere, however we can make easily by using Takoyaki grill at home.

Ingredients for batter

100g Flour , 30g Potato starch, 1tsp Baking powder, 1 Egg, 1tsp Soy sauce, 1tsp Dashi powder, 1tsp Sugar, a little Salt, 400ml Water,

Boiled Octopus, Chopped green onion, Tenkatsu of tempura scraps, Benishoga of pickled red ginger.

Ingredients for topping

Okonomi sauce, Dried bonito flakes, Dried green seaweed.

Start by creating the batter except the boiled octopus.

Heat the Takoyaki grill and oil in each small hole.

Place a piece of Octopus in each holes and fill up each hole to the top with the batter.

You can even overflow the batter out of the hole to make it easier to flip them later.

About two minutes later, poke the outside of batter and flip them over by using small skewers.

Flipping them is not easy and takes a bit of practice to get smoothly, but it is much fun.

Place a few Takoyaki on a bamboo plate like a street food.

Top Okonomi sauce and sprinkle Bonito flakes and green seaweed on it.

Some Bonito flakes start to dance on the Takoyaki.

Enjoy while it’s hot !!

Udon cooking class is available online


I’ll teach you how to make Udon noodles from scratch,  Dashi soup and Strawberry Daifuku in this class.

Udon dough is too hard to knead by hands normally. By stepping on the dough, a nice and chewy texture can be produced. This process is very fun.


Japanese soup ” Dashi ” is made from bonito flakes and dried seaweed “kombu” . By adding chicken and some vegetables , it would be aromatic and rich taste.

And Japanese confectioneries are getting popular these days. Especially, Strawberry Daifuku is pretty and popular the most in Japan. Since making them is very simple, you can enjoy it online too.


I’m looking forward to teaching you this Japanese typical dishes .

This is the Udon that a participant made in my online cooking class.




Do you know Soup Curry ?


This Japanese Curry has become popular in Japan these days.

I served a Soup curry cooking class this time by request of a participant .

That was enjoyable to prepare .

So I’ll share the recipe of Soup curry with you.

Ingredients (serves 4)

・8   Chicken wings

・1/3  Carrot

・1  Eggplant

・ Some slice of Pumpkin, Green Asparagus , Bell peppers  etc.

・ 40g  Curry Cube

・Grated a Onion

・ 1 1/2 tsp  Grated Ginger and Garlic

・ 20g Butter

・ 1/2 tsp Dried Cumin (option)

・ 1/2 tsp Dried Garam Masala(option)

・ 150g  Canned Tomato

・ 1 1/2 tbsp Chicken stock powder or cube

・ 1 1/2 tbsp Japanese Worcester sauce (Tonkatsu sauce)

・ 1 tbsp Sugar

・ 1 tbsp Dried Basil

・ 1000 ml  water

・ Freshly cooked rice

1. Grate a onion , slice vegetables and curry cube.


2. Put a tbsp of oil into a pot and grill Chicken wings put a little salt and pepper until the  skin slightly burnt.

3. Then transfer the chicken wings to a plate and set aside.

4. Add Butter , Garlic , Ginger , Cumin and grated onion into the pot and stir on medium heat until change to light brown color.

5. Add Curry cube and Garam Masala , continue mixing.

6. After two minutes, add Canned tomato, 1000ml of Water, Chicken stock , Worcester sauce , sugar and transfer the chicken wings back and simmer for 20minutes removing scum.

7. Grill sliced vegetables while simmering the chicken wings.



8. Add Basil and serve cooked rice , grilled vegetable and chicken wings on a plate and pour soup.

Enjoy new style Japanese Curry !!!

This is the Soup curry which is a participant made. It looks perfect and yummy.



Kara–age Bento (Japanese lunch box) class was opened online !!

Kara-age is Japanese fried chicken.

It’s one of Japanese soul foods which is so juicy and crispy.

This bento is my son’s favorite.

Japanese moms make Bento like this every weekday while their children go to school.

On the other hand, rolled omelet and onigiri are typical dishes for Bento and Japanese mom’s taste.

I would like to introduce those home-made dishes in this class.

Making fruits Daifuku, rolled omelet and Onigiri is little tricky and a lot of fun.

Daifuku is sweet rice cake
Strawberry Daifuku is consist of red bean paste in sweet mochi with a strawberry
It is adjusting the shape of triangle
It is also possible to make it by using a round pan

There are so many Bento boxes in Japanese stores .

Even if you don’t have a bento box, you will enjoy arranging dishes on your favorite plate or a food container.

Why don’t you make a Japanese lunch box with me online?