Japanese rice balls “Onigiri”

Have you ever seen Onigiri in stores or in pictures?

Onigiri is a typical lunch box item in Japan and remind Japanese of moms.

I made colorful six kinds of Onigiri by general ingredients in Japan.

Filling list

※Shibazuke(pickled vegetables with red Shiso leaves) , Japanese honewort

※Okura , Bonito flakes , Umeboshi (pickled plum)

※Edamame , Shredded deep salted Kombu kelp

※Tsubozuke(pickled Daikon radish) , Myoga radish, Toasted white sesame

※Grilled bacon, Cheese, Butter, Soy sauce

※Minced chicken, Avocado, Shiso leaves

There are various kinds of pickles in Japan and we often use them for Onigiri as above.

There are also various ways for making Onigiri.

Placing filling into or center of shaped Onigiri , mixing filling with steamed rice before making shape.

After making shape, wrap it with a piece of seaweed or Shiso leave.

I will open a Japanese rice ball class online soon.

Through this cooking class, I want lots of people to know Onigiri that is easy to make, easy to eat and delicious.

Do you know a Japanese street food “Takoyaki” ?

Most of Japanese and tourists love this street food.

We can buy them at shop anywhere, however we can make easily by using Takoyaki grill at home.

Ingredients for batter

100g Flour , 30g Potato starch, 1tsp Baking powder, 1 Egg, 1tsp Soy sauce, 1tsp Dashi powder, 1tsp Sugar, a little Salt, 400ml Water,

Boiled Octopus, Chopped green onion, Tenkatsu of tempura scraps, Benishoga of pickled red ginger.

Ingredients for topping

Okonomi sauce, Dried bonito flakes, Dried green seaweed.

Start by creating the batter except the boiled octopus.

Heat the Takoyaki grill and oil in each small hole.

Place a piece of Octopus in each holes and fill up each hole to the top with the batter.

You can even overflow the batter out of the hole to make it easier to flip them later.

About two minutes later, poke the outside of batter and flip them over by using small skewers.

Flipping them is not easy and takes a bit of practice to get smoothly, but it is much fun.

Place a few Takoyaki on a bamboo plate like a street food.

Top Okonomi sauce and sprinkle Bonito flakes and green seaweed on it.

Some Bonito flakes start to dance on the Takoyaki.

Enjoy while it’s hot !!

Udon cooking class is available online


I’ll teach you how to make Udon noodles from scratch,  Dashi soup and Strawberry Daifuku in this class.

Udon dough is too hard to knead by hands normally. By stepping on the dough, a nice and chewy texture can be produced. This process is very fun.


Japanese soup ” Dashi ” is made from bonito flakes and dried seaweed “kombu” . By adding chicken and some vegetables , it would be aromatic and rich taste.

And Japanese confectioneries are getting popular these days. Especially, Strawberry Daifuku is pretty and popular the most in Japan. Since making them is very simple, you can enjoy it online too.


I’m looking forward to teaching you this Japanese typical dishes .

This is the Udon that a participant made in my online cooking class.




Do you know Soup Curry ?


This Japanese Curry has become popular in Japan these days.

I served a Soup curry cooking class this time by request of a participant .

That was enjoyable to prepare .

So I’ll share the recipe of Soup curry with you.

Ingredients (serves 4)

・8   Chicken wings

・1/3  Carrot

・1  Eggplant

・ Some slice of Pumpkin, Green Asparagus , Bell peppers  etc.

・ 40g  Curry Cube

・Grated a Onion

・ 1 1/2 tsp  Grated Ginger and Garlic

・ 20g Butter

・ 1/2 tsp Dried Cumin (option)

・ 1/2 tsp Dried Garam Masala(option)

・ 150g  Canned Tomato

・ 1 1/2 tbsp Chicken stock powder or cube

・ 1 1/2 tbsp Japanese Worcester sauce (Tonkatsu sauce)

・ 1 tbsp Sugar

・ 1 tbsp Dried Basil

・ 1000 ml  water

・ Freshly cooked rice

1. Grate a onion , slice vegetables and curry cube.


2. Put a tbsp of oil into a pot and grill Chicken wings put a little salt and pepper until the  skin slightly burnt.

3. Then transfer the chicken wings to a plate and set aside.

4. Add Butter , Garlic , Ginger , Cumin and grated onion into the pot and stir on medium heat until change to light brown color.

5. Add Curry cube and Garam Masala , continue mixing.

6. After two minutes, add Canned tomato, 1000ml of Water, Chicken stock , Worcester sauce , sugar and transfer the chicken wings back and simmer for 20minutes removing scum.

7. Grill sliced vegetables while simmering the chicken wings.



8. Add Basil and serve cooked rice , grilled vegetable and chicken wings on a plate and pour soup.

Enjoy new style Japanese Curry !!!

This is the Soup curry which is a participant made. It looks perfect and yummy.



Kara–age Bento (Japanese lunch box) class was opened online !!

Kara-age is Japanese fried chicken.

It’s one of Japanese soul foods which is so juicy and crispy.

This bento is my son’s favorite.

Japanese moms make Bento like this every weekday while their children go to school.

On the other hand, rolled omelet and onigiri are typical dishes for Bento and Japanese mom’s taste.

I would like to introduce those home-made dishes in this class.

Making fruits Daifuku, rolled omelet and Onigiri is little tricky and a lot of fun.

Daifuku is sweet rice cake
Strawberry Daifuku is consist of red bean paste in sweet mochi with a strawberry
It is adjusting the shape of triangle
It is also possible to make it by using a round pan

There are so many Bento boxes in Japanese stores .

Even if you don’t have a bento box, you will enjoy arranging dishes on your favorite plate or a food container.

Why don’t you make a Japanese lunch box with me online?

My online “Okonomiyaki ” cooking class

I served an Online cooking class of Okonomiyaki to celebrate my guest’s 4th wedding anniversary.

Making Okonomiyaki is simple, but preparing a variety of Japanese unique ingredients is difficult ,especially abroad.

Nagaimo(Japanese yam), Tenkatsu(Tempura scraps), Okonomi sauce(Otafuku bland), Dried bonito flakes, Benishoga(Pickled red ginger), Dried green seaweed etc.


However, a few ingredients could be substituted as below.

Nagaimo ➡︎ Tofu or Potato or Potato starch

Okonomi sauce ➡︎ Worcester sauce , Oyster sauce , Ketchup and Sugar

Tenkatsu ➡︎ Potato chips

And I always customize the filling by adding Calamari, Cheese and Kimachi.





We celebrated their Wedding anniversary after cooking.

My online Okonomiyaki cooking class was a good gift to them.







Finally, I opened Online Cooking Class!!

I have been welcoming many people who have visited Tokyo.

And then the whole world is in a tough situation now.

So I decided to offer my cooking class by using ZOOM for people who cannot visit Tokyo.

Recommended points of my new cooking class are

By Simple ingredients (flour,cabbage,green onion,garlic,ginger etc.)

It’s a Private class to value communication

Making Gyoza from scratch is fun!!

Check the information in the web site of airkitchen as below and make sure details.


When you have inquiries, don’t hesitate to ask me by email.

I’m looking forward to welcoming you to my new cooking class!!





Japanese Omelet

Japanese omelet “ Tamagoyaki “ is a soul food for Japanese.

This is why that Japanese moms make Bento Box for their children every day.

Then, they make this delicious, colorful and nutritious Tamagoyaki.

I introduce how to cook it by using a typical frying pan.

This rectangular pan designed for rolled egg omelet only.


2 eggs, a pinch of salt, 1/2 tsp sugar, 2 tbs dashi(Japanese soup broth)

2drops soy source, 1 tbs chopped green onion,

some grated radish as side dish

Mix well with all ingredients in a bowl.

Heat and oil a square pan and pour 1/3 mixture into it.

Spread it quickly and roll the egg from the right side to the left when the surface is half cooked.

Repeat the same procedure to create layers in the rolled egg.

Cut into 4 pieces gently and serve with grated radish.

In addition to green onions, please enjoy it with various ingredients such as cheese and spinach etc.

Welcome to my new cooking class of Bento Box

When you make filling of Bento box, you can learn many typical Japanese dishes.

Onigiri, Kara-age, Rolled omelette, Strawberry Daifuku and Japanese side dishes.

I’ll introduce two recipe ” Kara-age ” ( Japanese fried chicken) and “Vegetable with

sesame sauce” this time.

Please check the blog ” Do you know this Japanese food Kimpira? ” about a recipe

of ” Kimpira of Lotus roots “.

” Kara-age ”


* Chicken thigh 200g

*Soy sauce 2tbs, Sake 1tbs, Mirin 1tsp, Sugar 1tsp, Grated apple 2tbs,

Grated ginger 1tsp, Grated garlic 1tsp, Salt 1pinch and pepper , Potato starch 3-4tbs,


1. Cut chicken in 3cm squares .

2. Put all ingredients except potato starch in a plastic bag.

3. Use hands to massage the chicken well through the plastic bag to allow flavors

to blend.

4. Keep in the fridge for more than 30minutes .

5. Drain the excess marinade sauce from the chicken by a piece of paper towel.

6. Coat with potato starch and shake off any excess potato starch.

7. Deep fry the chicken at 180℃ for 2minutes one side each.

For crispy finish, raise the temperature to 200℃ for 15seconds.

” Vegetable with sesame sauce ”


* Boiled your favorite vegetables (Snap beans, Spinach, Broccoli etc.) 100g

* Sesame 3tbs, Soy sauce less than 1tbs, Sake 2tsp, Sugar 1tbs, Mirin 1tsp, A little salt,


Add ingredients of sesame sauce into a Japanese bowl ” Suribachi” and mix well by

using a Japanese pestle “Surikogi”.

The Surikogi grinds foods much more gently compared to a spice mill.

Mix the vegetables and sesame sauce lightly.

Preparing dishes for Bento Box is enjoyable!!

A new cooking class of Udon from scratch

I opened a new cooking class of freshly Udon class .

Making Udon noodle from scratch is very enjoyable !!


For Udon ➡︎ 100g all purpose flour, 5g salt , 48cc tepid water

For dipping soup ➡︎ 100cc soy sauce, 100cc Mirin , 400cc water , 5cm seaweed,

20g dried bonito and mackerel freak , 10g dried small sardines ,

soaked 2 piece of dried Shiitake mushrooms in water of 50cc

<Make Udon noodle>

1 Dissolve salt in tepid water.

2 Pour salt tepid water in a bowl containing all purpose flour.

3 Once dough is mixed, put the dough into a plastic bag and step on it.

Repeat steps for more 3times like that stepping and gathering the dough into a ball .

4 Put smooth dough in a thick plastic bag and let it stand for about 1hour.

5 Spread the dough using a rolling pin into 3mm thickness or size of 20cm×26cm.

Then, sprinkle flour on the face to avoid sticking the dough and rolling pin.

6 Cut into 3mm in width.

7 Sprinkle the flour and cut Udon into one.

8 Put Udon into a pan with much boiling water and boil around 8 minutes.

9 Put the Udon in a shifter and wash it well with cold water .

10 Drain the water and place Udon on a plate with minced and grated potherbs.

〈Make Udon dipping soup>

1. Soak seaweed, dried bonito, mackerel freak and dried small sardines in water for

more than an hour.

2. Bring the Mirin to boil in a pan.

3. Add soy sauce and seaweed etc. with water all together .

4. Bring to boil again and switch the heat to very low.

5. Cook for 3minutes and drain the soup with a strainer.

Making Udon is very enjoyable and freshly Udon is chewy and tasty!! 😋