Kara–age Bento (Japanese lunch box) class was opened online !!

Kara-age is Japanese fried chicken.

It’s one of Japanese soul foods which is so juicy and crispy.

This bento is my son’s favorite.

Japanese moms make Bento like this every weekday while their children go to school.

On the other hand, rolled omelet and onigiri are typical dishes for Bento and Japanese mom’s taste.

I would like to introduce those home-made dishes in this class.

Making fruits Daifuku, rolled omelet and Onigiri is little tricky and a lot of fun.

Daifuku is sweet rice cake
Strawberry Daifuku is consist of red bean paste in sweet mochi with a strawberry
It is adjusting the shape of triangle
It is also possible to make it by using a round pan

There are so many Bento boxes in Japanese stores .

Even if you don’t have a bento box, you will enjoy arranging dishes on your favorite plate or a food container.

Why don’t you make a Japanese lunch box with me online?