Homemade fresh Ramen Noodles

I always use Pasta machine when making Ramen noodles.

Since a dough is too hard for me to knead and stretch by my hands , a pasta machine is a very useful equipment and it makes noodles chewy and smooth easily.

Ingredients are simple such as all purpose flour, baking soda, salt and water only.

After mixing baking soda, salt and water, pour them into all purpose flour in a big bowl little by little.

Spread the salt water throughout the flour evenly standing on the tips of your fingers.

Keep combining for 10minutes until the flour become same size grains and get moist.

This work is most important to make smooth and chewy noodles.

Cover the top of dough with a plastic wrap directly and wait for 5minutes to make it more moist.

After gather up and make a ball, put in the middle of doubled plastic bag and step on the dough.

Take the stretched dough out of the bag and fold.

Put the dough in the plastic bag and step again .

Do the same work once more.(three times totally)

Close the bag and let the dough rest for 30minutes at least in room temperature.

Cut the dough in half and start to stretch by a pasta machine.

Pass the dough through the pasta machine on dial 0.

Fold the dough and pass the dough through it on dial 0 twice.

After that, pass through the pasta machine without folding on dial 1, 2 and 3 step by step.

Attach little corn starch with both sides of the dough.

Cut the folded the dough into 2mm by using a knife.

I don’t use cutters with a pasta machine because the width doesn’t fit the Ramen noodles.

Cover cut noodles with little corn starch and hold them putting pressure on your fingertips.

I prefer the texture of those curl ramen noddles .

I also enjoy homemade Rarmen with various kinds of soup made from miso, soy sauce , pork ,chicken and mushrooms etc.

Enjoy making homemade Ramen at your kitchen!!