Finally spring has come to Tokyo!!

At the Inogashira Park

I went to the Ghibli Museum in the Inogashira park.

It was one of popular museum in Tokyo with especially tourists from abroad.

I could book the ticket a week ago although it had been difficult to book it before the pandemic. I’m sorry about it a little.

Shooting inside museum was not allowed at all, so I’ll post just a few pieces of photo I took out side.

There were so many handwritten rough sketches for movies and I could watch an original short movie there.

I thought it was a paradise for big funs of Ghibli all over the world (afraid but I’m not..)

After visiting the museum, I took a walk around the Inogashira park.

I was surprised that some early cherry blossoms has already full bloomed.

How bright and beautiful!!

Whenever seeing cherry blossoms, I realize that a spring comes and I’m living in Japan.

Most famous cherry blossoms “Somei-yoshino” will full bloom the end of march.

So I can’t wait!!