Online ”Okonomiyaki” making class new open!!

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese-style savory pancake.

“okonomi” means “whatever you like”.

So it’s made from cabbage, onion, eggs, meat, prawn etc. and flour.

We eat them for lunch or dinner at home or restaurant.

In my class, I introduce my homemade recipe using tofu to make Okonomiyaki moist and healthy.

The toppings are unique such as bonito flakes, green lavers, red pickled gingers and Okonomi sauce.

Okonomi sauce and Japanese mayonnaise

And Miso soup is Japanese soul food and made from Japanese broth “dashi” and fermented soy beans “Miso” .

I teach you how to make Japanese broth from scratch.

Making Strawberry Daifuku is very popular menu in my cooking class at my kitchen and online too.

It is fun to cover strawberries with sticky sweet mochi.

Besides it looks pretty and it’s yummy.

Hope participants to make three Japanese popular foods freely in everyday life after taking my class.

Let’s enjoy making Okonomiyaki , Miso soup and Strawberry Sweet Mochi !!