My online “Okonomiyaki ” cooking class

I served an Online cooking class of Okonomiyaki to celebrate my guest’s 4th wedding anniversary.

Making Okonomiyaki is simple, but preparing a variety of Japanese unique ingredients is difficult ,especially abroad.

Nagaimo(Japanese yam), Tenkatsu(Tempura scraps), Okonomi sauce(Otafuku bland), Dried bonito flakes, Benishoga(Pickled red ginger), Dried green seaweed etc.


However, a few ingredients could be substituted as below.

Nagaimo ➡︎ Tofu or Potato or Potato starch

Okonomi sauce ➡︎ Worcester sauce , Oyster sauce , Ketchup and Sugar

Tenkatsu ➡︎ Potato chips

And I always customize the filling by adding Calamari, Cheese and Kimachi.





We celebrated their Wedding anniversary after cooking.

My online Okonomiyaki cooking class was a good gift to them.