A new cooking class of Udon from scratch

I opened a new cooking class of freshly Udon class .

Making Udon noodle from scratch is very enjoyable !!


For Udon ➡︎ 100g all purpose flour, 5g salt , 48cc tepid water

For dipping soup ➡︎ 100cc soy sauce, 100cc Mirin , 400cc water , 5cm seaweed,

20g dried bonito and mackerel freak , 10g dried small sardines ,

soaked 2 piece of dried Shiitake mushrooms in water of 50cc

<Make Udon noodle>

1 Dissolve salt in tepid water.

2 Pour salt tepid water in a bowl containing all purpose flour.

3 Once dough is mixed, put the dough into a plastic bag and step on it.

Repeat steps for more 3times like that stepping and gathering the dough into a ball .

4 Put smooth dough in a thick plastic bag and let it stand for about 1hour.

5 Spread the dough using a rolling pin into 3mm thickness or size of 20cm×26cm.

Then, sprinkle flour on the face to avoid sticking the dough and rolling pin.

6 Cut into 3mm in width.

7 Sprinkle the flour and cut Udon into one.

8 Put Udon into a pan with much boiling water and boil around 8 minutes.

9 Put the Udon in a shifter and wash it well with cold water .

10 Drain the water and place Udon on a plate with minced and grated potherbs.

〈Make Udon dipping soup>

1. Soak seaweed, dried bonito, mackerel freak and dried small sardines in water for

more than an hour.

2. Bring the Mirin to boil in a pan.

3. Add soy sauce and seaweed etc. with water all together .

4. Bring to boil again and switch the heat to very low.

5. Cook for 3minutes and drain the soup with a strainer.

Making Udon is very enjoyable and freshly Udon is chewy and tasty!! 😋

Teppanyaki Dinner at the Yamato

There are many teppanyaki restaurants in Ginza .

The Yamato is one of my favorite teppanyaki restaurants and they have Kobe Beef.

I ordered “Kobe beef and Black Wagyu course meal” in this time to compare between

two kinds of beef.

A woman chef served course meals.

That was a first time for me to be served by a woman chef.

I enjoyed dinner relaxing in a calm atmosphere thanks to her.

After I enjoyed salad, soup and grilled fish, two kinds of beef were grilled.

The meat in front is Black Wagyu and behind is Kobe beef.

Both of beef was so delicious , juicy and tender!!

The Kobe beef was more fatty than the Black Wagyu.

Everyone knows the Kobe beef is best in Japanese beef and most expensive.

However, to be honest, I preferred Black Wagyu.

This is why that Kobe beef is too fatty for me.

If you like soft and fresh fat, I would recommend Black Wagyu.

Welcome to my new cooking class of “Fluffy Omelette Rice”o

I opened the new cooking class and welcomed lovely guests from the Hong Kong.

So, I introduce the recipe of this Omelette rice in this time.

Ingredients for two

6 eggs, milk , mayonnaise, salt , pepper , sugar

1 1/2 cups rice , 1/4 onion , 4cm carrot , 60g bacon , 2tsp chicken stock powder ,

1tsp seasoning sake , 30g butter, 3tbs ketchup ,

For mushroom source

1/3 head shimeji mushroom , 1/8 onion , 3tbs ketchup , 3tbs Japanese Tonkatsu source,

1tbs soy source, 1tbs sugar , 2tbs water

Let’s cook bacon rice first!

In my case, I make that rice by a rice cooker only without stir frying by a pan.

Put washed rice , water (a little less), chicken stock, 1pinch salt, seasoning sake,

minced onion, carrot and bacon.

When it’s done, add butter, ketchup, salt and pepper.

Mix the whole well. 

Place bacon rice in an oval plate like a small mountain.

Next, make mushroom source!

Heat a pan , pour sunflower oil , and stir fry sliced onion and mushroom .

Add mixed seasoning , it’s done when boiled .

Heat the pan until smoke appear a little.

Add butter and egg mixed with milk , mayonnaise, salt , pepper , sugar.

Mix finely by chop sticks shaking a pan.

When the surface is half cooked, keep it until the bottom is done for just a minute.

And slide the egg and put it on the rice.

If it might be hard to slide for you, fold the egg in half and put it on the rice.

After that , open the egg on the plate.

The mushroom source in half and ketchup in the half are ready.

Enjoy !!😄

Do you know this delicious Japanese confectionary “Strawberry daifuku “?

If you can prepare Shiratama dumpling powder and red beans paste, it is very simple

to make Strawberry daifuku.

Ingredients : 8 piece of strawberry, smooth sweet red bean paste 200g,

Shiratama dumpling powder 100g, sugar 50g, water 120cc,

Potato starch 2 table spoon

1. Once you’ve made your small ball of red bean paste,flatten each of them out and

mould all the way around each strawberry.

2. Then leave a tip of strawberry without red bean paste.

3. Put Shiratama dumpling powder in the bowl and mush it.

4. Add sugar and mix them.

5. Pour cold water and mix again .

6. Place the bowl covering with plastic wrap in the microwave and heat it for 2minutes

600w first.

7. When done,mix the dough and knead.

8. Put the plastic wrap covered bowl of dough back in the microwave for an extra

1.5 minutes .

9. During this time , sprinkle some potato starch on a flat dish.

10. Gather your dough and put on a flat plate with potato starch.

11. Separate into 8 equal pieces.

12. Flatten them and place strawberry covered red bean paste .

13. Wrap it spreading and pinching . Then also leave a tip of strawberry.

It’s done!!

Enjoy marriage of the taste, strawberry, red bean paste , and sweet mochi.

Making Gyoza wrappers from dough is fun !!

I’ve started to teach how to make gyoza wrappers from dough in my cooking class.

Mix weak flour 40g , hard flour 40g , a pinch of salt and hot water 55cc using chop


And knead well on your hands for 5min.

When dough has a glossy surface, wrap them and let leave for 30min.

Knead the dough into stick shapes , and cut into 12pieces of equal portions.

Sprinkle with flour and flatten into circular shapes with a rolling pin.

It’s done and very simple.

The surface of pan fried gyoza from scratch is crunchy and the other part is so chewy.

The taste is quiet different from ones in store.

Why don’t you try to make it !!😃

Do you know this Japanese food “Kimpira”?

Kimpira is an easy to find food for Japanese people.

In other countries, I was not sure how it would be. But I was happy to find it well

received by my foreign students.

Ingredients (for 2person)

* 4cm carrot

* 1/2 burdock root

* 3cm lotus root

* seasoning ➡︎3tsp sugar, 1tbsp soy sauce, 1tbsp mirin, 2tbsp sake , 1pinch salt


1. Wash the burdock root and scrape off the skin.

2. Cut the burdock root into about 4cm long matchsticks and put in water for a few


3. Peel the carrot and cut thinly into matchsticks 4cm as well.

4. Peel the lotus root also and quarter-round cut.

And put in water for a few minutes.

5. Heat sesame oil over medium heat and stir-fry the drained burdock,lotus root and

carrot until they are soft.

6. Add sugar, and another seasoning ,then stir-fry until the liquid is gone.

7. Optionally add sesame , chopped red chili pepper and dried young sardines.


My receipt of the filling of vegetable gyoza

Ingredients (for 20pieces)

Cabbage 150g , Garlic chive 1/2 bundle, Lotus root 80g , Green onion 10cm ,

Dried shiitake mushroom 15pieces , Japanese basil ‘Shiso’ 5pieces ,

Tofu 100g , Tofu refuse 50g ,

Ground garlic , Ground ginger , Oyster source , Salt , Pepper , Sake , Sesame oil ,

Potato starch


*Soak dried shiitake mushroom in water for 15minutes .

*Mince all vegetables .

*Put chopped lotus root in water.

*Place minced vegetables , all another ingredients and 2tbsp shiitake mushroom


You can arrange your favorite vegetables.


My cooking class aired on the TV Show !!

My cooking class was introduced in the title “Trending Tokyo Foods” , the program

< 2020 TOKYO > , NHK WORLD Channel , in 150 countries.

I was so lucky to get this chance.

Two nice men from the Greece joined my class and help shooting in this time.

We enjoyed cooking , chatting and drinking as usual.

I’m happy if my class looked enjoyable in this TV show.

After shooting, we had a party with camera crews, a producer and the CEO

of airkitchen.

That was really exciting and lively.

This clip is kept for an year on their web site the link as below ;


Please check it out and share your friends!!

How to make pan fried meat Gyoza


24 gyoza wrappers / 150g ground pork / 150g cabbage / 50g garlic chive

10cm green onion / 80g lotus root / 20g ginger / 20g garlic / 1tbsp oyster sauce

pinch salt and pepper / pinch vegetable oil and sesame oil / soy sauce


* Mince the lotus root and soak it in the water for 5minutes.

* Mince the cabbage, green onion , garlic chive.

* Grate the ginger and garlic.

* Place the meat , lotus root, cabbage , green onion, garlic chive, ginger , garlic,

salt and pepper, oyster sauce , sesame oil and soy sauce.

* Knead the mixture with meat , seasoning and vegetables.

* Take a wrapper and place your hands .

* Add filling in the center of it.

* Wet the edge of the wrapper and fold it.

* Make a pleats of folds on the top part of wrapper.

* Make sure each fold is sealed well.

* Heat a pan and oil it. Place the wrapped gyoza in the pan.

* When the cooked sides of the gyoza turn brown, add some water to the pan.

* Immediately cover with a lid and let it steam until the water is almost gone.

* Remove the lid and pour the sesame oil into the the edge of the pan.

* Lightly shake the pan to peel the dumplings off the pan.

* Stop the heat. Put a plate on the pan and flip it over and have the dumplings drop

on to the plate.

* Add the vinegar , soy sauce and chili oil and enjoy.

Welcome my cooking class!!

Ms. Helena was born in Madrid of Spain and grown up in Barcelona.

I’m so jealous!!

Because I love foot ball , so immediately imagined ” Real Madrid” and “Fc Barcelona”

Actually her mom has a Chinese restaurant , however Herena prefer Japanese

dumplings than mom’s dumplings.

So she has made dumplings just once.

However, she wrapped filling of dumpling so well .

That’s in her blood, I think.

We enjoyed talking about her Japanese life, family and a boyfriend with dumplings,

Japanese rolled omelet , thick rolled sushi etc.