Teppanyaki Dinner at the Yamato

There are many teppanyaki restaurants in Ginza .

The Yamato is one of my favorite teppanyaki restaurants and they have Kobe Beef.

I ordered “Kobe beef and Black Wagyu course meal” in this time to compare between

two kinds of beef.

A woman chef served course meals.

That was a first time for me to be served by a woman chef.

I enjoyed dinner relaxing in a calm atmosphere thanks to her.

After I enjoyed salad, soup and grilled fish, two kinds of beef were grilled.

The meat in front is Black Wagyu and behind is Kobe beef.

Both of beef was so delicious , juicy and tender!!

The Kobe beef was more fatty than the Black Wagyu.

Everyone knows the Kobe beef is best in Japanese beef and most expensive.

However, to be honest, I preferred Black Wagyu.

This is why that Kobe beef is too fatty for me.

If you like soft and fresh fat, I would recommend Black Wagyu.