A new cooking class of Udon from scratch

I opened a new cooking class of freshly Udon class .

Making Udon noodle from scratch is very enjoyable !!


For Udon ➡︎ 100g all purpose flour, 5g salt , 48cc tepid water

For dipping soup ➡︎ 100cc soy sauce, 100cc Mirin , 400cc water , 5cm seaweed,

20g dried bonito and mackerel freak , 10g dried small sardines ,

soaked 2 piece of dried Shiitake mushrooms in water of 50cc

<Make Udon noodle>

1 Dissolve salt in tepid water.

2 Pour salt tepid water in a bowl containing all purpose flour.

3 Once dough is mixed, put the dough into a plastic bag and step on it.

Repeat steps for more 3times like that stepping and gathering the dough into a ball .

4 Put smooth dough in a thick plastic bag and let it stand for about 1hour.

5 Spread the dough using a rolling pin into 3mm thickness or size of 20cm×26cm.

Then, sprinkle flour on the face to avoid sticking the dough and rolling pin.

6 Cut into 3mm in width.

7 Sprinkle the flour and cut Udon into one.

8 Put Udon into a pan with much boiling water and boil around 8 minutes.

9 Put the Udon in a shifter and wash it well with cold water .

10 Drain the water and place Udon on a plate with minced and grated potherbs.

〈Make Udon dipping soup>

1. Soak seaweed, dried bonito, mackerel freak and dried small sardines in water for

more than an hour.

2. Bring the Mirin to boil in a pan.

3. Add soy sauce and seaweed etc. with water all together .

4. Bring to boil again and switch the heat to very low.

5. Cook for 3minutes and drain the soup with a strainer.

Making Udon is very enjoyable and freshly Udon is chewy and tasty!! 😋