Welcome to my new cooking class of Bento Box

When you make filling of Bento box, you can learn many typical Japanese dishes.

Onigiri, Kara-age, Rolled omelette, Strawberry Daifuku and Japanese side dishes.

I’ll introduce two recipe ” Kara-age ” ( Japanese fried chicken) and “Vegetable with

sesame sauce” this time.

Please check the blog ” Do you know this Japanese food Kimpira? ” about a recipe

of ” Kimpira of Lotus roots “.

” Kara-age ”


* Chicken thigh 200g

*Soy sauce 2tbs, Sake 1tbs, Mirin 1tsp, Sugar 1tsp, Grated apple 2tbs,

Grated ginger 1tsp, Grated garlic 1tsp, Salt 1pinch and pepper , Potato starch 3-4tbs,


1. Cut chicken in 3cm squares .

2. Put all ingredients except potato starch in a plastic bag.

3. Use hands to massage the chicken well through the plastic bag to allow flavors

to blend.

4. Keep in the fridge for more than 30minutes .

5. Drain the excess marinade sauce from the chicken by a piece of paper towel.

6. Coat with potato starch and shake off any excess potato starch.

7. Deep fry the chicken at 180℃ for 2minutes one side each.

For crispy finish, raise the temperature to 200℃ for 15seconds.

” Vegetable with sesame sauce ”


* Boiled your favorite vegetables (Snap beans, Spinach, Broccoli etc.) 100g

* Sesame 3tbs, Soy sauce less than 1tbs, Sake 2tsp, Sugar 1tbs, Mirin 1tsp, A little salt,


Add ingredients of sesame sauce into a Japanese bowl ” Suribachi” and mix well by

using a Japanese pestle “Surikogi”.

The Surikogi grinds foods much more gently compared to a spice mill.

Mix the vegetables and sesame sauce lightly.

Preparing dishes for Bento Box is enjoyable!!