Welcome to my new cooking class of “Fluffy Omelette Rice”o

I opened the new cooking class and welcomed lovely guests from the Hong Kong.

So, I introduce the recipe of this Omelette rice in this time.

Ingredients for two

6 eggs, milk , mayonnaise, salt , pepper , sugar

1 1/2 cups rice , 1/4 onion , 4cm carrot , 60g bacon , 2tsp chicken stock powder ,

1tsp seasoning sake , 30g butter, 3tbs ketchup ,

For mushroom source

1/3 head shimeji mushroom , 1/8 onion , 3tbs ketchup , 3tbs Japanese Tonkatsu source,

1tbs soy source, 1tbs sugar , 2tbs water

Let’s cook bacon rice first!

In my case, I make that rice by a rice cooker only without stir frying by a pan.

Put washed rice , water (a little less), chicken stock, 1pinch salt, seasoning sake,

minced onion, carrot and bacon.

When it’s done, add butter, ketchup, salt and pepper.

Mix the whole well. 

Place bacon rice in an oval plate like a small mountain.

Next, make mushroom source!

Heat a pan , pour sunflower oil , and stir fry sliced onion and mushroom .

Add mixed seasoning , it’s done when boiled .

Heat the pan until smoke appear a little.

Add butter and egg mixed with milk , mayonnaise, salt , pepper , sugar.

Mix finely by chop sticks shaking a pan.

When the surface is half cooked, keep it until the bottom is done for just a minute.

And slide the egg and put it on the rice.

If it might be hard to slide for you, fold the egg in half and put it on the rice.

After that , open the egg on the plate.

The mushroom source in half and ketchup in the half are ready.

Enjoy !!😄