Do you know this delicious Japanese confectionary “Strawberry daifuku “?

If you can prepare Shiratama dumpling powder and red beans paste, it is very simple

to make Strawberry daifuku.

Ingredients : 8 piece of strawberry, smooth sweet red bean paste 200g,

Shiratama dumpling powder 100g, sugar 50g, water 120cc,

Potato starch 2 table spoon

1. Once you’ve made your small ball of red bean paste,flatten each of them out and

mould all the way around each strawberry.

2. Then leave a tip of strawberry without red bean paste.

3. Put Shiratama dumpling powder in the bowl and mush it.

4. Add sugar and mix them.

5. Pour cold water and mix again .

6. Place the bowl covering with plastic wrap in the microwave and heat it for 2minutes

600w first.

7. When done,mix the dough and knead.

8. Put the plastic wrap covered bowl of dough back in the microwave for an extra

1.5 minutes .

9. During this time , sprinkle some potato starch on a flat dish.

10. Gather your dough and put on a flat plate with potato starch.

11. Separate into 8 equal pieces.

12. Flatten them and place strawberry covered red bean paste .

13. Wrap it spreading and pinching . Then also leave a tip of strawberry.

It’s done!!

Enjoy marriage of the taste, strawberry, red bean paste , and sweet mochi.