How to make pan fried meat Gyoza


24 gyoza wrappers / 150g ground pork / 150g cabbage / 50g garlic chive

10cm green onion / 80g lotus root / 20g ginger / 20g garlic / 1tbsp oyster sauce

pinch salt and pepper / pinch vegetable oil and sesame oil / soy sauce


* Mince the lotus root and soak it in the water for 5minutes.

* Mince the cabbage, green onion , garlic chive.

* Grate the ginger and garlic.

* Place the meat , lotus root, cabbage , green onion, garlic chive, ginger , garlic,

salt and pepper, oyster sauce , sesame oil and soy sauce.

* Knead the mixture with meat , seasoning and vegetables.

* Take a wrapper and place your hands .

* Add filling in the center of it.

* Wet the edge of the wrapper and fold it.

* Make a pleats of folds on the top part of wrapper.

* Make sure each fold is sealed well.

* Heat a pan and oil it. Place the wrapped gyoza in the pan.

* When the cooked sides of the gyoza turn brown, add some water to the pan.

* Immediately cover with a lid and let it steam until the water is almost gone.

* Remove the lid and pour the sesame oil into the the edge of the pan.

* Lightly shake the pan to peel the dumplings off the pan.

* Stop the heat. Put a plate on the pan and flip it over and have the dumplings drop

on to the plate.

* Add the vinegar , soy sauce and chili oil and enjoy.