How to make Sushi Rice


360cc grain rice , 370cc water , 60cc rice vinegar , 1.5 Tbsp sugar , 1/2 tsp salt ,

a few pieces of kombu , 2 Tbsp sake


1. Wash rice and soak the rice in water for 15minutes.

2. Add kombu and sake and start to cook.

3. Add rice vinegar , sugar , salt in a bowl and mix them until sugar is gone.

4. Moisten a sushi-oke with water so rice will not stick.

5. When rice is cooked, spread the cooked rice over the sushi-oke.

6. Pour the sushi vinegar dressing mixture evenly over the rice while it is really hot.

7. Use a rice paddle to cut and gently toss the rice.

8. Repeat cutting and tossing and spread the rice evenly over the sushi-oke when it is

mixed all over the rice and let the rice become skin-warm using a paper fan.

9. Using a paper fan make the grains shinier.

10. Cover the rice with a wet cloth to keep the rice from drying out.