My receipt of the filling of vegetable gyoza

Ingredients (for 20pieces)

Cabbage 150g , Garlic chive 1/2 bundle, Lotus root 80g , Green onion 10cm ,

Dried shiitake mushroom 15pieces , Japanese basil ‘Shiso’ 5pieces ,

Tofu 100g , Tofu refuse 50g ,

Ground garlic , Ground ginger , Oyster source , Salt , Pepper , Sake , Sesame oil ,

Potato starch


*Soak dried shiitake mushroom in water for 15minutes .

*Mince all vegetables .

*Put chopped lotus root in water.

*Place minced vegetables , all another ingredients and 2tbsp shiitake mushroom


You can arrange your favorite vegetables.


My cooking class aired on the TV Show !!

My cooking class was introduced in the title “Trending Tokyo Foods” , the program

< 2020 TOKYO > , NHK WORLD Channel , in 150 countries.

I was so lucky to get this chance.

Two nice men from the Greece joined my class and help shooting in this time.

We enjoyed cooking , chatting and drinking as usual.

I’m happy if my class looked enjoyable in this TV show.

After shooting, we had a party with camera crews, a producer and the CEO

of airkitchen.

That was really exciting and lively.

This clip is kept for an year on their web site the link as below ;

Please check it out and share your friends!!

How to make pan fried meat Gyoza


24 gyoza wrappers / 150g ground pork / 150g cabbage / 50g garlic chive

10cm green onion / 80g lotus root / 20g ginger / 20g garlic / 1tbsp oyster sauce

pinch salt and pepper / pinch vegetable oil and sesame oil / soy sauce


* Mince the lotus root and soak it in the water for 5minutes.

* Mince the cabbage, green onion , garlic chive.

* Grate the ginger and garlic.

* Place the meat , lotus root, cabbage , green onion, garlic chive, ginger , garlic,

salt and pepper, oyster sauce , sesame oil and soy sauce.

* Knead the mixture with meat , seasoning and vegetables.

* Take a wrapper and place your hands .

* Add filling in the center of it.

* Wet the edge of the wrapper and fold it.

* Make a pleats of folds on the top part of wrapper.

* Make sure each fold is sealed well.

* Heat a pan and oil it. Place the wrapped gyoza in the pan.

* When the cooked sides of the gyoza turn brown, add some water to the pan.

* Immediately cover with a lid and let it steam until the water is almost gone.

* Remove the lid and pour the sesame oil into the the edge of the pan.

* Lightly shake the pan to peel the dumplings off the pan.

* Stop the heat. Put a plate on the pan and flip it over and have the dumplings drop

on to the plate.

* Add the vinegar , soy sauce and chili oil and enjoy.

Welcome my cooking class!!

Ms. Helena was born in Madrid of Spain and grown up in Barcelona.

I’m so jealous!!

Because I love foot ball , so immediately imagined ” Real Madrid” and “Fc Barcelona”

Actually her mom has a Chinese restaurant , however Herena prefer Japanese

dumplings than mom’s dumplings.

So she has made dumplings just once.

However, she wrapped filling of dumpling so well .

That’s in her blood, I think.

We enjoyed talking about her Japanese life, family and a boyfriend with dumplings,

Japanese rolled omelet , thick rolled sushi etc.

Hot Pot of Angler Fish

I went to the Isegen to eat a hot pot of angler fish.

In winter, Japanese enjoy this hot pot.

This old traditional restaurant was awesome in everything like meals,service and


I felt like I’ve gone back to long long time ago.

This grotesque fish became a delicious hot pot and I especially like that liver.

It tastes smooth and creamy!!

Steamed rice , eggs and chopped green onions were added in a soup when it finished.

And we enjoyed Japanese Ojiya finally.

This restaurant and this hot pot are my strong recommendation in winter.

How to make Sushi Rice


360cc grain rice , 370cc water , 60cc rice vinegar , 1.5 Tbsp sugar , 1/2 tsp salt ,

a few pieces of kombu , 2 Tbsp sake


1. Wash rice and soak the rice in water for 15minutes.

2. Add kombu and sake and start to cook.

3. Add rice vinegar , sugar , salt in a bowl and mix them until sugar is gone.

4. Moisten a sushi-oke with water so rice will not stick.

5. When rice is cooked, spread the cooked rice over the sushi-oke.

6. Pour the sushi vinegar dressing mixture evenly over the rice while it is really hot.

7. Use a rice paddle to cut and gently toss the rice.

8. Repeat cutting and tossing and spread the rice evenly over the sushi-oke when it is

mixed all over the rice and let the rice become skin-warm using a paper fan.

9. Using a paper fan make the grains shinier.

10. Cover the rice with a wet cloth to keep the rice from drying out.

Recipe of Miso Soup

Miso soup is Japanese soul food.

It’s simple to cook, so please try Japanese typical soup.

Ingredients for four people

3cups (600cc) water , Kelp 6cm , 12g dried bonito flakes , 50g miso

1/2 cake silken tofu , 1/2 piece of deep-fried tofu , 1 green onion


1. Cut the tofu into about 1.5cm cubes.

2. Slice the deep-fried tofu thinly.

3. Mince the green onion.

4. Soak the kelp in water for about 20 minutes.

5. Turn the heat on the medium . When small bubbles appear from the bottom of the

pan, remove the kelp .

6. Add the bonito flakes , bring to boil, then use a mesh sieve to remove flakes.

7. Reduce the heat , add tofu and deep-fried tofu .

8. When they warm up, mix the miso into the pan using a strainer.

9. Turn off the heat just before it comes to a boil.

10. When serve with a bowl, add green onion.

Welcome my cooking class!!

Mr. Tyne is from the United Kingdom.

He is doing travel all over the world.

Japan is about 35th country for him.

We enjoyed making pressed sushi with used packs of juice.

Main ingredients are smoked salmon,boiled shrimps,

crab meats and sliced avocado, cucumber, sprout and lemon.

When we put sushi rice in a pack, we should press rice hardly , especially edge of a pack.

We also cooked Japanese omelette by a square fried pan made in Japan.

I was very happy to introduce Japanese daily life.

Home made Dumplings without meat

I cooked dumplings for dinner without meat last night.

Basically, minced pork and vegetables are used.

In this time, I made two kinds of dumplings, Vegetables only and Canned mackerel dumplings.

I put freeze dried tofu in vegetable one and put minced fried tofu in mackerel one instead of pork.

Both of fried and freeze dried tofu made it so tasty with flavor of vegetables .

Those are so healthy and tasty!!

We can organize ingredients for dumplings .

So, I hope many people all over the world to know this Japanese food.

Typical Japanese Home Made Dinner in Autumn

I cook OKOWA with chestnuts every autumn.

I put chestnuts in water half a day and boil them for 5minutes.

After that, I peel their so hard skin by kitchen knife.

It’s a very hard work for me .

OKOWA is steamed Glutinous rice and normal rice one half each with chest nuts

as usual .

Other autumn food is a pacific saucy “Sanuma” by salted and grilled.

I serve it with grated daikon radish and citrus fruit “Kabosu”

Autumn has already come to Japan !!