Home Made Gooey Pasta

Have you ever tried Japanese style pasta?

That’s not tomato source, cream source and also peperonchino.

In this time, I cooked with gooey ingredients (Natto, Okura,

Japanese yam).

After minced them, I shredded leaves of basil, seaweed,pickled

vegetable of Shibazuke.

After boiled pasta, add garlic oil and Japanese broth “Dashi” in it.

Put pasta on the tray and decorated ingredients on it.

At last, put raw egg york at the center.

I mixed well and enjoyed it!

Home Made Japanese Press Sushi “Oshizushi”

It looks hard to cook them, however it’s so easy!!

I use a pack of juice when I press sushi rice and ingredients.

At first, put sliced shrimps, crab meat or salmon on the bottom of a pack.

And spread sushi rice on it.

Next , put sliced cucumber or avocado and spread sushi rice again.

After that, press it strongly , take out and cut it.

That’s all!! Very easy!!

We can arrange it with any seafood, meat and vegetables.

I want to teach this menu in my lesson .

So, please request me if you take interested in Japanese Oshizushi.

Seiro Steamed Foods Lunch at Karen

Do you know this Japanese steamer?

Many tourists choose Syabusyabu ,Teppanyaki or Sukiyaki when eating Japanese Wagyu.

However, my recommend is this style , seiro steamed!!

Meats become fluffy🥓 and vegetables become so sweet🥕

And Japanese Kurobuta Pork is also nice as well as Wagyu.

I enjoyed these foods with Japanese Ponzu vinegar or sesame source.

If you like spicy taste, you can add Karen’s original black spicy seasoning.

When you would like to have little gorgeous lunch, this restaurant is my recommend😋

The Karen is in Ginza and most of table are in a private room ,so we can be relax .

Home made apricot jam

I made jam with apricots.

Fresh apricots are lined up in stores this season.

Those are local fruits of the Nagano prefecture.

When I made apricot jam for the first time last year, I was impressed that simple way

and the taste.

I and my family have eaten all of them immediately .

So, I bought many apricots (2kg) this year.

Added sugar and kept it for three hours to make sugar melted.

After that , I simmered it until their shape collapsed.

At last, I added the liquor “Cointreau” to make it taste mature.

A fragrant jam was made!!

I’ll present my home made jam to my friends tomorrow (^o^)

Breakfast in Sarabeth’s Tokyo

I had ricotta lemon pancakes for breakfast.

That was scrumptious as usual.

Need more whip cream!

Especially, my recommend is ‘Sarutahiko Coffee’ with pancakes.

That coffee brand is very popular in Tokyo these days for a third wave coffee.

That taste is delicate and refreshing .

Eating breakfast in a restaurant is a very relaxing and valuable for me (^-^)

Lunch at BLT Ginza

I had steak lunch at BLT Ginza.

Their main restaurant is in NY.

They have American beef (rib eye,filet etc).

Most of foreigners like Japanese Wagyu, especially Kobe beef.

However, the marbled Wagyu is actually fatty for me (^_^;)

So, I prefer juicy and soft American lean beef steak.

We can choose chili tomato source, sweet soy source, and wasabi source.

This pop over with whipped butter was delicious.

I have never seen whipped butter in Japanese grocery shops , so I enjoyed it.

I would like to try their hamburger next time.

With my friend, Karorina

Dinner of Unaju

Do you know this Japanese dish?

It contains broiled eel on rice with sweet soy sauce in Jubako(generally tiered square

wooden boxes with a cover which is coated by urushi Japanese lacquer).

Some Japanese don’t like eel meals. It is because the original appearance is grotesque

like a snake 🐍(*^^*) with the peculiar fishy smell.

But I love it ❣

And the soup with eel liver was also delicious!😋

I had unaju dinner at the “Nodaiwa” .

It is avery famous eel restaurant in Tokyo.

Please try to eat this delicious Japanese food in Tokyo!!🗼

Dinner of Steak Bowl

I often cook a steak bowl for dinner.

Because my son loves it.

My mission is to make cheap beef more soft and delicious .

My style of cooking the steak bowl is to marinade a beef with “salt-marinated rice malt” that is Jananese own seasoning before I grill it.

It has an enzyme, and it makes every meat soft.

So, I use this seasoning when I cook tomato stew of chicken and pork cutlet too.

Then, I grill it with a beef tallow to make it more flavorful.

Also, I put sliced onions, grilled beefs, and steak source on steamed rices.

Yep. It’s obvious. Very Delicious!! 😋

Lunch at Kintame

The Kintame is a shop and restaurant of Japanese pickled vegetables.

It is in the Daimaru department store next to Tokyo station.

I ordered “Bubuzuke course meal” which is their speciality.

Bubuzuke is a cooked rice with various toppings such as pickled

vegetables in green tea.

It’s served Japanese appetizers, tofu skin sashimi,

Kiriboshi radish and Saikyo-Yaki(grilling a fish with Saikyo miso sauce).

I have wanted to eat this meals for a long time.

Of course, it was amazing!!!

I enjoyed many tastes of pickled vegetables so much.

Why don’t you try Bubuzuke?


My name is Junko.

I live in Tokyo.

I work at a hotel as a concierge.

I love cooking and trying  delicious foods.

And delicious foods is actually everywhere around Tokyo.

So, I would like to share my daily life with people around the world.

I’ve started Japanese cooking lesson at home.

My lesson is the private lesson for tourists.

You can learn about Japanese home made meals from my lesson.

I hope many people to take interested in Japanese foods and take my lesson in Tokyo.

Thank you.

With my husband and son in Hawaii